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News 6th March 2011

Mundorf has announced that they will be changing their labellings for their range of RXF and Supreme film capacitors eventhough the construction and parts of these caps remain the same. Below is an excerpt from their email announcing the change:

Dear Madam or Sir,

For security of operation in high current non-audio applications we just changed our capacitor's printing/labeling. There were no internal / technical changes at all. So please be assured you have received the same parts, like in the past. The following labelings were changed, or will be changed soon:


OLD Ur = rated voltage 800VDC

NEW Um = max. operating voltage 750VDC

OLD Ur = rated voltage 600VDC

NEW Um = max. operating voltage 550VDC



OLD Ur = rated voltage 800VDC

NEW Um = max. operating voltage 600VDC (Interim 680VDC)



OLD Ur = rated voltage 1200VDC

NEW Um = max. operating voltage 1000VDC


Best regards,



News 1st January 2011

To usher in the new year, we are pleased to announce the introduction of the Reference Series, our top of the range car component set.

The Reference Series showcases Wavecor's latest 7"midbass driver WF 182BD-03 featuring an advance motor design that incorporates Wavecor's proprietary Balanced Drive motor structure for optimal drive force symmetry which results in largely reduced 2nd order harmonic distortion. In addition, a copper cap is incorporated on center pole to reduce voice coil inductance and to minimize variations in voice coil inductance as a function of voice coil position. With a low Fs in the 30s Hz, this driver has phenomenally low bass output and definition to challenge all current high-end contenders.

The TS030 30mm silk dome tweeter features a powerful dual neodymium magnet structure with large heat sink and several other special features. TS030 has low resonance frequency making it ideal for 2-way applications.

For this series, we have a specially designed crossover using only components manufactured by Mundorf. By employing only high quality components such as Mundorf aircore inductors and film capacitors, this crossover guarantees that sound reproduction will be seamless across the transition from tweeter to midbass drivers.

If you want great sounding high fidelity car component speakers that do not cost the earth, you can't go past our Reference Series. Call today for an audition!

For audition and/or professional installation, please contact one of our partner installers, Audioedge @ or contact Sam by phone : (65) 9752 2868 or email



News 2nd September 2010

Wavecor is growing from strength to strength with the release in the 2010 Munich High End Show of 2 ground-breaking advanced drivers : the TWO22WA tweeter and SW223BD01-01 subwoofer. These drivers are ideal for use in car audio applications using unique small form factors.

The TWO22WA sits right in the middle of the usual 19mm & 25mm tweeters displaying outstanding frequency response to 40Khz, excellent off-axis response and low FS of 800Hz! Expect detailed and smooth high frequency reproduction with outstanding imaging capbilities.


The SW223BD01-01 subwoofer, with its Balanced Drive motor, high Qms and optimised T/S parameters will now be able to offer quality bass in compact compartments. With X-max of 21.4mm peak to peak and a low FS of 24Hz, you can be sure that this is a no ordinary subwoofer which can outperform bigger subwoofers.


News 2nd April 2010

We are excited about Wavecor's latest Balanced Drive drivers which have advanced design features such as :


The Balanced Drive Mid bass drivers comes in 3 sizes, 4 3/4", 6 " & 7 " with Dried Paper and Nomex cones all offering a fine balance of low distortion, clear and impactful sound quality. They are available in 4 or 8 ohms.

The 7 " subwoofers SW182 BD series is also available in 4 or 8 ohms. , With a low FS of in the 20s & 30s, high linear X max of +/- 8mm , these drivers are true subwoofers which are applicable in many applications including sealed, ported and infinite baffle. The high Qms and stiff aluminium cone will ensure that the bass quality will have superior definition, dynamics and details. Available in 4 and 8 ohms it is ideal as multiple subwoofers in car application without the need for dedicated big and space demanding enclosures; it can be installed as sealed subwoofers in the rear door cavities and free air subwoofers on the parcel shelf. Ideal for the car audio enthusiasts who demand high SQ bass yet do not wish to sacrifice boot space. For high SPL applications, the Wavecor 10" & 12" subwoofers are ideal, with extreme excursion capabilities and higher efficiency in comparison to other subwoofers.

Check out other new drivers like the 2 3/4" subwoofer and fullrange drivers. They are ideal replacements for the cheap drivers in computer and home theatre speakers for those who want better clarity and impact to accompany visual images for a more immersive experience.



News 18th February 2009

We present Wavecor's latest true high end tweeter TW030WA. With a FS of 450Hz! lower than high end tweeters such as Scanspeak's Revelator and Ring Radiator; with a smooth detailed and transparent sound quality. It is ideal for applications where the tweeter is required to cross at a low crossover frequency or low order crossovers. Now available in 4 and 8 ohms.



News 18th August 2008

We have added another subwoofer, this time from SB Acoustics. These are very high quality drivers designed by the same people who designed Scanspeak's acclaimed Revelator series of drivers. Since leaving Tymphany, they have formed a new company called Scandinavian Audio Research (Denmark). The 15" subwoofer SB42FHC75-6 comes with cast aluminium ventilated chassis, copper cap and 75mm voicoils, and features high sensitivity of up to 93db (2.83V/1V). It is truly outstanding with Kevlar Honeycomb cone for low mass and high stiffness; ensuring the reproduction of natural and accurate bass with true pistonic motion.

Limited stocks are available at an introductory price of SGD$899 without GST ex- Singapore. For more details, please email Sam or ring (65) 9752 2868.


News 22nd May 2008

Introducing Mundorf's new top-of-the-range reference capacitor --- the Supreme Silver/Gold in Oil, combining the best features of the Supreme Silver in Oil and Supreme Silver/Gold. If you're looking for a capacitor with a totally black background that is detailed yet grain-free and reproduces the full richness and lushness in recordings, this is the cap for you!



News 28th April 2008

In this update, we feature a DIY speaker using the famed Hemp Acoustics FR8C fullrange driver. Beautifully installed in a bright red ported tower and driven by a tube amp, this Hemp driver produces a sound that is dynamic, coherent and surprisingly full-bodied. Our customer is so pleased with it that he is eager to try other Hemp drivers. If you wish to audition the Hemp Acoustics FR8C, please email Sam or ring him at mobile no. (65) 9752 2868.



News 1st Jan 2008

To usher in the new year, we are proud to introduce an exciting new series of car component sets using Wavecor drivers. These sets come assembled with customised dedicated crossovers to deliver superior in-car audio performance of the highest quality and value. All of the car component sets share one common high-end silk dome tweeter, the Wavecor TS030TU01-01, which is matched with different Wavecor midbasses (such as the WF160WA02-01, WF160WA01-01, WF166TU02-01 or WF166TU01-01).

What sets Leda's car component systems apart from the rest in the market is the design ingenuity and engineering expertise that had gone into the Wavecor drivers; featuring farady rings, dual neodymium motors, heat sinks, curvilinear cone profile, CCAW voicecoils, etc. All these quality features and more translate into wide band and smooth reproduction of sound which has very low harmonic distortion. The use of specially treated paper cone strikes a fine balance between poly cones (which can sound smooth but lacking in detail) and hard metallic cones (which can sound detailed but suffers from high Q cone breakup modes). Wavecor drivers, by virtue of their design, are highly efficient, resulting in sound quality that is detailed, natural sounding, dynamic and free from compression.

Each component set comes with a dedicated crossover network which comprises an asymmetrical low Q low order crossover. Employing only high quality film capacitors and aircore inductors, our crossover minimises artifacts that can result from poorer quality parts like electrolytic capacitors and cored inductors commonly found in crossovers used by other brands of car component sets.

Leda's car component sets are a definite improvement over any speaker systems currently supplied by car manufacturers. The bar has now been raised for other after-market car component speaker systems to follow. Whether you are discerning and exacting about the technical specifications of components, or you just want superior sound reproduction which is atmospheric and true to life, you've got to check out our Wavecor car component systems. E-mail or phone Sam at (65) 9752 2868 for an audition!



News 18th Oct 2007

We have brought in a small range of drivers from HempAcoustics, a North American driver manufacturer famed for their high efficiency full range drivers, such as their famous FR8C, its new sibling FR4.5C, and the sophisticated high-end co-axial CO8V. For the FR8C and FR4.5C, DIY-ing does not come any easier -- no crossovers necessary! With their high efficiency, these Hemp drivers are suitable for both tube and solid state amplifiers, producing a sound that is both dynamic and coherent.

More great news from Wavecor -- their new OEM midrange for Audio Physic is receiving rave reviews (click to read). Expect to hear more interesting developments and introduction of new high quality drivers from this up-and-coming manufacturer soon! As a service to the DIY speaker-building community, Wavecor has added measurement files on their website and you can also import speaker design software such as freeware Speaker Workshop. With these online tools, budding DIYers can now design their own speakers without having to invest in expensive measurement equipment, with accurate and professional results!



News 9th Sept 2007

We are proud to announce the introduction of a new line of high-end speaker products by Wavecor. A newly established company, Wavecor is founded and backed by a team of highly experienced Danish speaker engineers/designers in collaboration with local engineering and management expertise operating out of China. The top key personnel behind Wavecor come with the combined strength of expertise and decades of experience in designing and manufacturing famous high-end speaker drivers whilst working with companies like Scanspeak /Vifa and Tymphany.

Leda has brought in the full range of Wavecor drivers which boast advanced features like ventilated chassis, multiple and strategically placed shorting rings, copper clad aluminium wire voicecoils on ventilated fibre glass formers, linear motor and suspension designs. All these features and more rersult in a range of Hi Fi and car audio drivers that have amongst the lowest distortion and natural sounding drivers in its class. Wavecor drivers are built for high resolution playback which means that fine details and textures are reproduced without loss, and that dynamics are preserved without compression. The resulting characteristics are precise presentation of space and acoustics of recording venue, unheard of transparency, and sharp and precise focus.


Wavecor tweeters have the right highs and lows: high in efficiency (94db) & extended frequency and transient response and low in resonant frequency and distorion artifacts. To achieve this, high strength linear double neodymium motors, large surrounds, multiple chambers under surrounds and dome, copper clad aluwire voicecoil, vented voice coils, and heat sinks are employed to produce tweeters that are excellent in the reproduction of smooth and extended frequencies that are low in distortion and which compete with much more expensive offerings by other speaker manufacturers. Two versions are offered, with and without ferrofluid.


Wavecor midbasses come in a range of different sizes and chassis (steel stamped and precision cast aluminium) with two motor systems, dual neodymium and ferrite. All share long linear motor designs with linear suspension spiders and rubber surrounds, vented chassis, large vented voicecoils and high quality treated paper cones. The result is wide bandwith, low distortion, low compression drivers. They are available for both Hi Fi and car audio applications.


Wavecor subwoofers represents nothing short of state-of-the-art speaker technology with serious linear X-max , stiff aluminium cone, 2" vented fible glass voicecoil/bobbin, vented chassis, double shorting rings and magnets, linear edge and spider suspensions, etc. They excel in the retrieval of details as well as low harmonic distortion characteristics.



News 28th April 2007

We have added new products by Mundorf . Firstly, their high end tweeter AMT 2340. Mundorf apply their no compromise and exacting standards to speaker driver design resulting in a highly revealing ' fast' tweeter using the air motion transformer principle. These tweeters are finding their way in speaker designs of the highest calibre. With excellent impulse response and open backed, they are ideal for any new dipole or omnidirectional speaker design. For monopole use, these tweeters need their own enclosure.

Two new ranges of capacitors are added, the Mundorf Tubecap specially formulated for Tube amplifiers and Mlytic HC power supply capacitors.

The Tubecap, by virtue of its construction, will offer much lower ESR, longer service life and a faster sound in comparison with the usual electrolytic capacitors. The Mlytic HC power supply capacitors are based on a patented method of especially low-inductance internal contact formation. Thus extremely quick and high pulsed currents are possible. The use of these capacitors alone enables available amplifier concepts to be catapulted to a quality standard of a much higher level.

We have added new values to our existing ranges as well. For the M-CAP SUPREME Silver/Gold- 2.2uF & 3.3uF. M-CAP SUPREME - 1.0uF, MCap - 33uF & 100uF.

In the accessories section, we introduce 2 new products , Mundorf Silver Gold Hook-Up Wire & Mundorf Silver Solder which is lead free.

The Mundorf Silver Gold Hook-Up Wire is 1.0mm solid silver with 1% gold with Teflon dieletric with the same revealing and smooth sound as the famous Supreme Silver Gold capacitors and is excellent as hookup, interconnect or speaker wire upgrades or for new projects. It is available in white or yellow.



News 18th August 2005

For this update , we introduce yet another two drivers from thr Revelator series- ScanSpeak 12M4631G00 Revelator Slit Paper Cone Midrange and 15M4531K00 Revelator Slit Paper Cone Midrange. These two drivers are wide band midranges with slit paper cones to reproduce the most natural sounding vocals and midrange frequencies. Already in use in high end commercial home speakers, these drivers are also suitable for car audio.

ScanSpeak 12M4631G00 Revelator Slit Paper Cone Midrange

ScanSpeak 15M4531K00 Revelator Slit Paper Cone Midrange


Another new driver we are introducing is Peerless 83 08 45 XXLS Air Dried Nomex Fibre Cone Subwoofer, the latest subwoofer from Peerless using XXLS technology offering even more excursion from the previous XLS series.

cOver the next few months , we will be introducing more XXLS Subwoofers including ones for car audio. Do drop by our website for updates.



News 28th April 2005

Proudly introducing 3 new & exciting state-of-the-art drivers from ScanSpeak :

ScanSpeak 23W4557T00 Alum. Coned Subwoofer

ScanSpeak 26WT8861T00 Revelator Stiff Dried Paper Cone Woofer

Both the ScanSpeak 23W4557T00 and 26WT8861T00 drivers (shown above) feature Titanium Formers, 50mm Voicecoils and ScanSpeak's famed SD-1 Symmetric Drive Motor that produces serious X-max of +/- 20mm and +/-14mm respectively. If you're looking for musical drivers for low frequencies, these are definitely the ones to beat!


ScanSpeak D2904-710000 Silk Dome Tweeter

Also introducing our latest ScansSpeak D2904- 710000, this is a silk dome version of the now famous ScanSpeak Ring Radiator R2904-700000. Like the Ring Radiator, this driver shares the same SD-2 Neodymium Motor, Non-Resonant Aluminium Chamber, Multiple Chamber Low Compression Design, and Machined Aluminium Faceplate. It has very high sensitivity of 94.5db, extended frequency response and excellent off-axis response.


Due to unprecedented demand for Mundorf Capacitors, we have expanded our range of high-end Capacitors . We now stock 10uF value for Mundorf Supreme, and we've also extended the stocked values of Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil from 0.1uF to 8.2uF. Leda is proud to be among the first anywhere in the world to bring in the latest Mundorf Flagship Capacitor :

the Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold with values from 0.1uF to 1.0 uF. Made from 99% pure Silver and 1% Gold metallised foils, these capacitors are the ultimate capacitor upgrade for cd/sacd/dvda players, preamps and amplifiers.



News 16th Sept 2004

This time round, we are introducing a number of new and exciting drivers from Vifa and Scanspeak especially for car audio enthusiasts. From ScanSpeak , we have the new Revelators for car audio, 15W4531G00 and 18W4531G00, both are 4 ohm versions of the regular 5.5" and 7" Revelators that can be found in audiophile speakers of the highest caliber. You can now enjoy the smooth midrange and astounding bass quality in your car as well as at home.From Vifa, we brought in 19mm version (XT19TD-00-04) of the famed Ring Radiator sharing the same sterling qualities of the XT25TG 30-04 but with better dispersion due to its smaller dome. Also from Vifa are two new midranges, MG10MD-09-04 for car audio and MG10MD-09-08 for home use. These two midranges have an extended and smooth frequency response that is almost full-range- so good in fact that it is being used as a fullrange driver without any crossover. They are ideal as home surround speakers or as fill speakers for car audio.



News 18th May 2004

We have expanded our range of Mundorf product range to include their Mundorf Mcaps and Mundorf MetalOxide non-inductive resistors as well as their latest and highly praised Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil. The Mundorf Mcaps are audiophile quality metallised polypropylene capacitors suitable for use in crossovers at an attractiive pricing. They will eventually replace our Bennic XPP range of capacitors as our basic line of capacitors. The Mundorf MetalOxide non-inductive resistors, as the name implies are non inductive and have a high power rating making them ideal as resistors for crossover circuits. Finally, we brought in a small range of Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil for those tweakers who want absolutely the best for upgrading the capacitors of Preamp and CD/SACD/DVD players. A quick search at the Audio Asylum website (Tubes, Digital Drive, High-Rez) will show why Mundorf is leading the way in producing components that are the state of the art.



News 18th April 2004

Due to numerous requests by serious car audio enthusiasts, we have brought in several high quality drivers suitable for car use. From Vifa we have the D26NC-05-06 neodymium tweeter and MG18WK-09-04 - 7" woven glassfibre midbass. From Scan Speak , we have the D2904/600000, a high end tweeter with Scan Speak's famed Symmetric Magnet system , triple neodymium magnets and optimised rear chamber. Each tweeter is carefully hand coated and is capable of reproducing extremely dynamic and transparent sound.



News 21st June 2003

This update introduces an interesting tweeter to expand our range of high performance products- the LG2 pure ribbon tweeter. This tweeter marks a new milestone in bringing down the cost of truly high end drivers to affordable levels. Product quality and finish are excellent.



News 21st May 2003

Introducing 2 exciting new high end models from Scan Speak and Vifa: the R2904-7000 Ring Radiator Tweeter and XG18WH00-08 Woven Glass Fibre Midbass.

The Ring Radiator is Scan Speak's new top of the line tweeter that can be found in the best home and car audio sound systems and reproduces the best high frequencies well into 40Khz and above. It features the..SD-2 neodymium motor, non resonant aluminium chamber, multiple chamber low compression design, machined aluminium faceplate and phase plug.


The XG18WH00-08 is Vifa's new midbass from the acclaimed XT line. It features Glass-fibre cone and dustcap, Multi-roll surround, low distortion magnet system, airflow optimized chassis.



News 1st January 2003

We are now stocking the new 7" Revelator midbass from ScanSpeak. A more efficient and even better bass quality than the 5.5" Revelator!



News 18th August 2002

Introducing Mundorf's Mcap Supreme, acknowledged as one of the very best capacitors in Europe for application in high end speaker crossovers. Together with Jantzen Cross Coils they represent an unbeatable combination for crossovers where only the very best will do.



News 18th December 2001

We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed the Far East distributor of high-end Jantzen inductors from Denmark. We have brought in an expanded range of their crosscoils foil inductors of different gauges as well as 1.2mm baked air core and iron cored inductors all at very competitive prices. If you are thinking of using high end crossover components for you DIY project, look no further. Check out the new range in the inductor section.

Dealer enquiries from Asia and Oceania welcomed!

The links section have also included some new as well as updated links.



News 15th September 2001

This update features a list of new items we added to our Scan-Speak and Vifa range. For the Scan-Speak range, we are introducing 2 very popular midbass models used in many high-end loudspeaker systems (ProAc Response 2.5, Wilson Watt Puppy, Nova, Merlin, Sonus Faber etc.)- 18W8545 and 18W8535. Both drivers are reknowned for their output of high quality low bass despite their modest dimensions, a result of their proprietary SD1 motor design.

For the Vifa range, we have added the M26WR-09-08, a 10" high quality bass driver with a cast magnesium chasis and doped paper cone-ideal for subwoofer or as a bass driver in 3-way design. We are also reintroducing the X25TG-30-04, also known as 'ring radiator', the top tweeter from Vifa. Currently, they are being used in Krell's LAT speakers, Norh 6.9s, Audio Physics. etc. - a truly highend tweeter at an unbeatable price.

Photo of X25TG-30-04 on the left.



News 27th June 2001

Introducing our first prefabricated speaker boxes optimised for our Scan-Speak and Vifa drivers. They are available in 2 sizes- 9 litres and 28 litres and finished in rosewood vinyl finish. The boxes are sturdily constructed using 19mm thick MDF boards and braced extensively. The front baffles are radiused and openings for tweeters rebated to minimise diffraction effects. Such features are not normally found in typical speaker boxes and you will be pleasantly surprised at the prices we are charging for them. For more information, check out the speaker cabinets section.



News 12th May 2001

For this update we are introducing SCR 630V film and foil capacitors as well as accessories such as brass spikes for speakers and platforms. SCR is a well established French manufacturer of capacitors and is the OEM manufacturer for Solen as well as Axon capacitors. Check them out at our capacitors section. For those who wish to add spikes to their speakers to improve their bass definition, imaging, etc, we have very reasonably priced 8mm brass spikes under our assessories section. Also new are binding posts, grille fasteners, flared ports and mounting foam gaskets.



News 3rd April 2001

For those who wants only the best, Leda is introducing Jantzen CFAC inductors for the first time in this part of the world. These are acknowledged to be superior to even air core inductors with even less distortion and lower power loss.. Renowned High-end speaker companies that uses Jantzen products include Tannoy, RCF, JBL,Sonus Faber and Dynaudio. Check out our inductors section for more details

At the same time we are introducing US made high quality speaker hook up wires using the best dielectric-Teflon and silver coated oxygen free 99.99% pure copper. It is in 16 gauge and can be used as speaker wires as well at only S$2.00/m.(single run).




Welcome to Leda, Singapore's first website dedicated exclusively to DIY speaker-building!

To commemorate the launch of our website, allow us to devote this news segment to an introduction of our company's products, services and corporate objectives.

At Leda's website, you will find speaker components and information that have been thoughtfully sourced from the world over. We aim to promote DIY speaker-building as a hobby in this region by making accessible whatever information that is required for the successful completion of a high quality speaker system at only a fraction of the cost for a similar system in the retail market.

For DIY enthusiasts in Singapore and Malaysia, Leda also offers quality speaker enclosures to make DIY speaker-building an even simpler task. Due to high logistics and freight costs, we are unable to offer this option to individual overseas buyers at the moment. However, budding speaker designers from overseas who wish to commercialise their design at very reasonable cost can contact us for more information to capitalise on our low production costs.

Besides promoting DIY speaker-building, we also aim to collaborate with designers who wish to feature and promote their speaker designs on our website.

As for beginners who wish to embark on speaker-building as a hobby, you can begin by investing some time in learning about DIY through the Internet --- our Links section is an excellent place to start! Here, you will find a wealth of information on the fascinating world of speaker-building that will inspire you to venture into this ultimately fulfilling hobby. Using speaker components from Leda, you will be able to build a good high-end yet affordable system using our state-of-the-art Scan-Speak drivers.

When it comes to product pricing, you will find Leda's prices very attractive ompared with other suppliers overseas. It is our policy to continually source for high quality products at very competitive prices to meet our customers' needs. Due to our competitive edge as a web-based enterprise, we are able to offer good value products at very attractive prices. Our strategic location in Singapore also facilitates lower freight and shipping charges for all customers, resulting in savings to our valued clients in the form of lower prices.

If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions to contribute, drop us a line. We're happy to be of assistance. Thank you for visiting our website!

Best wishes,

David Ong
Leda Resources Pte Ltd


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